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Innovative Solution for Daycare and School Management

An innovative solution for employees and parents, that covers all administrative needs and simplifies the everyday life in daycares and schools.

Vigilo, an innovative solution for employees and parents, that covers all administrative needs and simplifies the everyday life in daycares and schools. Focusing on intuitiveness and ease of usage as well as on native mobile platforms allowed Vigilo to attract new customers and to win greater market share.

"Yes, we are delighted with our choice of collaboration with Softwarium. We recommend it as a reliable partner to work with on the Norwegian market."

Øystein Viland, Managing Director, Vigilo AS

Briefly About Vigilo
Just like all innovative products, Vigilo began with an idea. This idea was to use the benefits of digitalization to simplify the mundane routine of preschool/daycare centers, schools, and extracurricular programs. Vigilo also offers many possibilities in terms of resource optimization in daycares and schools throughout Norway. The main idea of Vigilo is in its name, which means “I see” or “vigilant”. This product was developed with the users in mind and with respect to what is required and expected in schools.The listening, forward-thinking, purposeful and simplified approach proved to be the one, which led to the creation of a great product and the numbers speak for themselves.In less than 10 years this innovative product achieved impressive results:
  • 31,900 check-ins every day
  • 14,500 daily app users
  • 21,200 messages sent every day
Softwarium professionals are extremely proud to have played a significant role in this success story.
Success means a challenge

After the first version of Vigilo was introduced on the market, it quickly became obvious, that a brilliant idea also requires great execution. One of the company’s principles is “Improving the things we are already doing well”. This explains the feature-rich product and its constant growth on the market.

The digital era offers humanity a full lot of new possibilities to improve daily operations and simplify their daily routine. As the amount of users increased, more features were required, which made the visual simplicity of the complex application even more important.

Vigilo needed an application, that could cover ALL of the administrative needs of the kindergarten, school and, at home as well. In fact, there are plenty of parents, of all ages, who visit various institutions and, with different devices on board. Such a routine is hard to manage, but nothing is impossible if things are done correctly.

Success means a challenge
Right technologies, right talents, right attitude

Giving it your all is an attitude and a process. Vigilo continuously listens to its customers very carefully. Customers are the biggest inspiration and they give the best possible incentive to move forward.

While experiencing rapid growth, the Vigilo team began looking for an experienced and conscientious technological partner, with the same cultural values. The idea was not only to find hands but bright minds and expertise, who will add perfect execution to Vigilo’s innovative ideas. Softwarium professionals appeared to be a perfect match!

“We were happy to find such a highly skilled development partner. The Softwarium team shares our values and hardworking attitude. We are now able to predict the time to market for Vigilo’s important features due to a high level of professionalism, established processes, and quality of accomplishing tasks. The smart development approach to our product allowed us to be very responsive to customers needs. Such flexibility led to an impressive increase in sales.”

Stig Morten Nygård, Product Owner, Vigilo AS

A project which really helps

Figuring out where to focus development capabilities was crucial. While being fully conscience of the huge project potential and prospective changes, the Softwarium team, along with Vigilo’s team, developed a server-side application. It was designed as a highly flexible yet robust back-end component, which includes the current database and protects all the stored information.

By utilizing the cleverly designed server side, Vigilo was able to optimize development capabilities by almost 200% and dramatically improve application performance. The flexible database structure gives users the whole palette of benefits! The users can create events, notes, convey children’s health issues, plan individually adjusted activity, school visits, lessons and share all type of files without having to leave the application. The stored calendar allows parents to monitor their children’s activity, plan lessons and and remain up to date regarding their children’s day-to-day lives in school or kindergarten.

School administration stands to gain from all of these features as well, especially when making prospective load reports, or designing a more attractive program for teachers as well as parents. Even meal, nap time, and changes in preschool or school activities – everything is recorded into the database to be stored and archived.

Very convenient and super simple.

Adding an intuitive interface
Simplicity and flexibility are the key components of a successful product nowadays. It didn’t take long for Vigilo’s users to appreciate the intuitive interface developed by the Softwarium team and to enjoy its great usability. Self-explanatory options and colors, easy to use features and a neat design allowed Vigilo to really distinguish themselves on the market which contributed heavily to the overall sales growth. The smart approach to this complex and feature rich product led to several interfaces designs, where users can find the staff they need.
Adding an intuitive interface 1
Adding an intuitive interface 2
Launching Messenger
Another one of Vigilo’s cool features, developed by Softwarium, is the messenger. Being, light, simple and multifunctional, it is built into the application thus allowing the communication between parents and school/preschool employees to be fast and painless.
Making it Available on All Major Platforms
Availability is hard to overestimate. Regardless of the parent/employee’s personal preferences, Android, iOS, or web, Vigilo provides its users with a high-quality software product. Working or living with children means being on the move, constantly. It is difficult to imagine a successful modern software for school/preschool institutions without a powerful mobile application. The same is true for parents.
Making it Available on All Major Platforms
Fruitful cooperation
The cooperation between Vigilo and Softwarium is an example of what a perfect match looks like. When culture, values, approach, and attitude gave the world a valuable product.

"We are pleased with Softwarium developers and did not expect to get our resources optimized and assigned tasks accomplished in such a short period of time. We are dealing with professionals and we value this partnership."

Stig Morten Nygård, Product Owner, Vigilo AS

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