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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is as important as coding. Sounds weird? But, it is the truth, most people forget. Software is an essential part of our day to day life, and the better it works, the more popular it gets. Software becomes a cornerstone for almost every industry and keeps taking more and more responsible tasks. Personal data? Financial data? Trade secrets? Everything is stored in the database, to be further processed by software. Each such mistake costs time and money and sometimes can lead to disaster. 

    The most interesting part is, most people know about quality assurance, but they simply don’t want to spend more time on development and looking for a software quality assurance company that can provide QA service on a proper level. Here Softwarium is one of the most reliable companies, which comes to mind. We not only provide QA service but also consult on the necessity of various testing activities, such as:​

    What we add to your solution

    • Increased testing automation to increase end-user satisfaction
    • API and services test automation
    • Integration of tools and activities
    • Big Data testing
    • Performance engineering to analyze how all the elements of the system work together
    What Softwarium Add to Your Solution

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